" Shri Nedumbrayur (Thirumathaliyappan) Mahadeva Temple Thali (Thrissur Dist) (Protected Monument - Dept of Archaeology , Govt of Kerala) "

Dear devotees

Thali village situated in Thalapilly Taluk of Thrissur Dist. is blessed with a number of temples; so also are its surrounding areas. It is believed that the great king Cheraman Perumal who ruled this region once upon a time constructed 108 temples here and regularly offered prayers in them. Shri Thirumathaliyappan Mahadeva Temple, one of the 108 Sivalayams, is most famous among these. Mahasivalingam which is the main idol of the temple is believed to be installed by Khara Maharshi in a trance after the 'Satheedhahanam' (some believe that the installation is by Parasuraman).

Nedumpuram Thali enjoys an important place in the cultural map of South India and has once played a primal role in the history of Kerala. The Thali Nedumbrayur (Thirumathaliyappan) temple situated in the centre of the village is a historical monument more than a millennium old. This temple boasts of a very tall and large "Sreekovil". The temple itself is constructed in a square style and it is noticed that the Pallava-Chalukya influence is very much evident in its construction. It is presumed that this temple was the central capital of the ruler of Nedumpurayur (the present Thalapilly, Palakkad and Chittoor region) which in turn was one of the 14 domains of the Kulasekhara dynasty which ruled this region in the eighth, ninth and tenth centuries. Constructed during 700-900 A.D., it is endowed with varied sculpture and wood work. There are eight slabs unearthed from near the main door of the temple containing inscription written in "Vattezhuthu". This inscription being royal decrees are of the Kothai Eravi, Indu Kotha kings, et al. The word "Paatom" is first seen used in these inscriptions written in the ancient language. Considering the importance of this temple, it is now under the protection of the Archaelogical Dept. While it was being administered by the Desamangalam Mana at one time of its glorious past, the local people also had a hand in its upkeep for some time.

Though the Nedumbrayur temple is so much important and is the spiritual shelter of the devotees, it is now more than 82 years since the "Ashtamangalaprasnam" and other religious rites are held here. As the "Devaprasnam" and "Naveekaranakalasam" which are usually held every 12 years have ceased, the prime idol of the Sivalingam is now in a very dilapidated condition. Insufficient and decreasing income of the Dewaswom is one of the reasons for this neglect. Once we are able to regenerate the temple through reestablishment of the religious rites, it is certain that it will bring forth both spiritual and material welfare for all especially the devout. For garnering funds required to meet the heavy expenses in this respect, the temple renovation committee has started vigorous efforts.

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